Conference Chairman's Message

Gathering The Leaders of The Sector at The Cardist Summit

Turkey has been a gateway for trade for thousands of years being on the cross roads between the East and West but also importantly to the Gulf and North Africa.

In millennia past many ideas, philosophies, goods and technologies have passed through Turkey with the Turks having an inherent knowledge of what to hold onto and develop as their own and what to let pass through.

More recently the Turkish banking system has shown true leadership in the development of banking and bank related products while the Turkish consumers seem to show an unlimited enthusiasm for these new products.

The market is maturing but there is still plenty of growth. In a country of 74 million there are 60.6 million Debit cards and 43.4 million Credit cards used at 1.6 million POS terminals and 21,970 ATM's (at end 2008) showing a 40% growth since 2004.

However, if Credit and Debit can be viewed as core banking products - categorised by the fact that all banks issue them - it is in the deployment of cutting edge technologies which has really placed Turkey in the spotlight in recent years.

BKM (the interbank authorization and switching centre) specified and shared with its members standards for contactless and prepaid cards in 2007. According to BKM, product selection, hardware supply, customization, and integration works for NFC (Near Field Communication) applications have been completed. As in other markets in the region, contactless pilots and projects are now being rolled out, often as an add-on to credit card loyalty programmes.

With these developments and know-how Cardist, now in its 3rd year, cordially invites you to Istanbul, the 2010 city of culture to participate in this conference and exhibition which will allow you to meet with senior executives from the payments, transport, telecommunications, retail, government and health sectors to discuss the latest technologies and case studies in these industries.

We look forward to meeting with you in Istanbul.

Alexander Rolfe
Konferans Baskani

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